Dry eye in winter


We must take care of our eyes during the four seasons of the year! During the winter, eye care must be accentuated in order to reduce the possible effects of external weather occurrences, such as cold, wind and snow. In addition, the consequences of spending more time in heated enclosed spaces should be considered.

Winter means living indoors. The constant use of heating systems decreases the ambient humidity of the air. This causes an increase in tear evaporation, and therefore an increased risk of dry eyes. Add to this an increased amount of time we spend exposed to electronic screens such as computers, tablets and mobile phones, the risk of eye strain and dry eyes increases.

Here are some tips to minimize this effect.

  1. Use humidifiers to counteract the dry air due to heating. In addition, it is important to keep air filters clean.
  2. Avoid being near heat sources to prevent tear evaporation.
  3. Blink more often. This stimulates tear production and keeps the eye more lubricated.
  4. Use artificial tears to lubricate the ocular surface, preferably preservative free. 
  5. Wear sunglasses with an ultraviolet (UV) filter, especially in mountainous areas, with snow, ice and high sun exposure. Wearing glasses is important to protect your eyes from the cold and wind, and thus avoid the possibility of them drying out.

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