Smart glasses

Imagine a world where your glasses do more than just correct your vision, transforming into an extension of your personal technology that connects you in previously unimaginable ways.

Skier’s Blindness

What is Skier’s Blindness? Skier’s blindness is a type of photokeratitis, which is essentially a burn in the cornea caused by overexposure to ultraviolet light. This condition can occur from direct sunlight impact on the eyes or from light reflected off snow. Notably, snow reflects 80 percent of UV rays, compared to sand’s 10 to […]

10 signs that may indicate vision problems in children

25% of School Children Have Vision Problems Affecting Development and Academic Performance Vision is the key to learning, since 80% of the information received at school is obtained visually. Therefore, it is imperative to check our children’s vision, especially if they exhibit any of the following signs: Important Reminder: A child is hardly going to […]

What is the safe age for the use of electronic devices?

In this digital age, access to electronic devices has become almost ubiquitous in our lives, and children are no exception. However, determining when and how children should start using these devices responsibly is an important issue for parents and caregivers.  According to the recommendation of the American Academy of Pediatrics: Already in adolescence there is […]

The secret of sunglasses and sport

Not everyone knows that when it comes to outdoor sports, it is essential to choose the right sunglasses.  Color is more than a matter of aesthetics. It represents an appropriate choice for good contrast visualization, corrects depth perception, and eliminates glare. Here are our recommendations of what lens colors to use depending on the sport […]

Dry eye in winter

We must take care of our eyes during the four seasons of the year! During the winter, eye care must be accentuated in order to reduce the possible effects of external weather occurrences, such as cold, wind and snow. In addition, the consequences of spending more time in heated enclosed spaces should be considered. Winter […]

Sunglasses in winter? Of course!

We have the false perception that in the winter we don’t need to wear sunglasses. That is simply not true! Here’s why we should use them: In the winter, it is essential to wear sunglasses. Although it shines less brightly than in the summer, it is just as harmful.  Do you have sunglasses?  Use them, […]