The secret of sunglasses and sport


Not everyone knows that when it comes to outdoor sports, it is essential to choose the right sunglasses. 

Color is more than a matter of aesthetics. It represents an appropriate choice for good contrast visualization, corrects depth perception, and eliminates glare.

Here are our recommendations of what lens colors to use depending on the sport you do.

  • Gray lenses: These are the most versatile. They don’t alter the vision of colors; it attenuates them all equally. They are ideal for all kinds of activities.
  • Brown and Amber Lenses: These improve depth perception making them ideal for sports such as golf, archery and tennis. 
  • Green Lenses: These offer very good performance in rainy conditions. They are ideal for forest and mountain activities as well as winter sports. 
  • Red Lenses: These provide good depth of field. Ideal for cycling and running, as well as skiing and snowboarding.
  • Blue Lenses: Blue shades stand out, so they help to discern different depths in the sea. Perfect for water sports.
  • Yellow Lenses: Although they are not suitable as solar lenses, they provide great luminosity and contrast therefore they are suitable for night driving. They can also be useful at dawn, dusk or when there is fog.

Remember that if you practice any outdoor sports and the goal is to improve performance, choosing the right color sunglasses will give you the results you are looking for. 

Visit us, at IGO Optical we have a wide variety of sunglasses, whatever sport you practice, we have the ideal one for you.

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