10 signs that may indicate vision problems in children


25% of School Children Have Vision Problems Affecting Development and Academic Performance

Vision is the key to learning, since 80% of the information received at school is obtained visually. Therefore, it is imperative to check our children’s vision, especially if they exhibit any of the following signs:

  1. Short Attention Spans.
  2. Sitting Too Close to the TV.
  3. Reading with the Book Very Close to Their Eyes.
  4. Rubbing Their Eyes Frequently.
  5. Skipping a Line When Reading Text or Having Difficulty Reading.
  6. Blinking Frequently.
  7. Having Sensitivity to Light.
  8. Tilting Their Head to the Side to Read or Watch TV.
  9. Having Headaches Frequently.
  10. Refusing to Read.

Important Reminder: A child is hardly going to complain of blurred vision, because they don’t have a comparative pattern. If they’re seeing blurry, they consider that’s the normal way things look. Make an annual habit of an eye exam to protect your little one’s health.

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