We have been visiting this clinic for the past 8 years with satisfactory results each time. It’s certainly a very pleasant atmosphere, and the staff is most helpful and friendly. Dr. Cortes and Dr. Perez are true professionals and it’s reflected in all that they do with sincere care and concern for their patients.
Sonny and Indra Lall
In 2012, I was having issues with my vision after playing with my son. I believed I needed to get an eye exam to get new glasses and contacts. I called Dr. Monica Cortes’ office to schedule an appointment. They got me in for an eye exam and she ran many tests. I started to think how thorough and caring Dr. Monica was being and her explaining of the tests. Dr. Monica with her thoroughness was able to detect that my retina was detached and got me to the hospital in time to save my right eye. After my surgery in 2012 until this day, my kids and I will not see another optometrist. I know when I see Dr. Monica she will give me the time and care I need to make sure my eyes are taken care of Dr. Monica is great at what she does and she cares about her patients and making sure that our eyes are good now and for the future.
Reginald Lewis
I recently got a pair of glasses done at Igo Optical and I was extremely satisfied with them. Igo Optical has such a wide variety of frames to choose from so that everyone can find a pair that is suitable for them. The staff was also very sweet, they did everything possible to help me find exactly what I was looking for. They went out of their way to order me a frame I saw online which most opticals would not do for you. In all, I was extremely satisfied with the service and quality of my glasses. Thanks Igo Optical!
Sabrina Araujo
We have been Igo Optical’s client for more than 6 years. Since the first day, Dr. Julio Perez and Dr. Monica Cortesmade us feel as part of their family, the customer service experience form all team members has always been exceptional. Recently, my husband and I starting getting trouble reading books or just when checking out our cellphones, after our annual check out, we found out that we had presbyopia. Dr. Julio and Dr. Monica explained to us that this was very common vision problem at our age (over 40), and that an easy fix was to change our glasses to a progressive ones. Thanks to their advice, we can continue with our life without any discomfort.Lastly, we want to express our sincere thanks for their immense patience when taking care of our elderly parents and our young son every time they need it and although they are not close to our home, we are definitely happy to drive one hour to see them.
Veronica and Luis Miguel Delgado